1.       State-owned Bank Oversight and Monitoring Division, one of the divisions of Financial Regulatory Department under the Ministry of Planning and Finance has implemented in Reform of State-owned Banks in order to promote the competitiveness of State-owned Banks to Private Banks, to improve accountability, transparency and governance and to reduce financial risks of the government.


2.       Intention to choose appropriate model for reform of State-owned Banks, the development of banking sector and adjusting to the changing market needs in line with the government's needs, the following Courses and Workshops were hold with the assistance of World Bank;

(a)      Training of FRD  Staff in  Effective  State-owned Banks  Ownership  at Financial Regulatory Department, Naypyitaw, from 5th to 6th May 2016

(b)     Workshop for Global Experiences of State Ownership and Oversight of State-owned Banks attended by responsible officials from National Economic Coordination Committee, Central Bank of Myanmar and (4) State-owned Banks at Kempinski Hotel, Naypyitaw, on 15th Dec, 2016

(c)      Workshop on State-owned Bank Reform attended by responsible officials from Central Bank of Myanmar, (4) State-owned Banks and Financial Regulatory Department at Myanma Economic Bank, on 8-6-2017.